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The Real Estate Agents or Brokers below as well as the other Businesses are licensed Florida Professionals.

Thjey are willing to help you in your search for information: Please feel free to contact them.

Real Estate Agents
Howard P. Skau
RE/MAX Capital Group 1435 Piedmont Drive, East Suite 210 Tallahassee, FL 32308
For nearly 30 years Howard has been providing professional real Estate service to help his clients buy, sell or trade real Estate in the capital city of Florida
850 510-3281 : 850 668-6642 fax: 800 543-8839:
email: Howard@HowardSkau.com Web http://www.howardskau.com/
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About the areas
The site has the state divided up into 19 major areas and 80 plus sub-areas. We chose these areas as they are the ones most referred to in guides about Florida and also because most people are familiar with them as the names evoke something. Additionally on each area dropdown there is information relevant to florida real estate and relocating to florida. We have provided lists of Florida Real Estate agents-Mortgage brokers and more.